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Tankless Hot Water

Tankless water heaters are also referred to as “demand” or “instantaneous” water heaters, because they produce hot water only when you need it. This feature enables them to be much more energy efficient, because there is no “standby” supply of water constantly in need of being re-heated when it is not in use. Instead, a Tankless water heater produces hot water only when needed, conserving energy and saving you money.

HeatCo specializes in installing Tankless water heaters in Vancouver. Our expert will help you choose the Tankless water heater that best suits your needs, giving you hot water when you need it, and saving you money on energy costs. They are compatible with electric or gas-fired heating systems, which make them perfect for any type of home. The size of your Tankless water heater is determined by how many fixtures you want it to heat. You can choose models that accommodate an entire house (dishwasher, washing machine, sinks & showers), or smaller models that are for more specific use. Your needs may require more than one Tankless water heater, depending on the location of your fixtures; for example, if you have an outdoor sink or hot tub, an additional unit may be needed to handle all your hot water requirements.

Tankless Hot Water Installation

We are providing a high quality heating services throughout Greater Vancouver. From finding the best system that best fit for your home size to completing the tankless water installation and move aways your old system, We are here for you to give you best of our services. We offer the top warranties available, special deals and also significant rebates.

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Theo is an absolute pro and just a kind human being. He came this morning to assess my lack of heating and gave me a quick diagnosis of the problem and possible solutions for repairing or upgrading - he had a no pressure attitude. When we decided to just repair our boiler, he was even able to come the same day late in the evening to help us get heat back! Highly rated individual - you can definitely count on him as he really cares about his business and clients.
tom ying
The Technican Sia and Owner Theo are great guys. Professional ,prompt and friendly. I replaced my hot water tank and boiler with Hi efficiency tankless units. The team worked quickly and limited our time without heat or hot water. The system is great and they even helped me to apply for BC HYDRO rebates. I highly recommend this company.
Tony Llewellyn
Awesome contractor. A diamond in the rough. I called him because my furnace was blowing cold air (and it's freezing today!). He's in high demand, so he was understandably unable to book me for a service call for two weeks. He took the time to diagnose my furnace's problem over the phone, then suggested a fix. It worked. It didn't cost me a dime. It cost him some of his valuable time, but he was generous enough to share it with me. Thank you so much. Please support this awesome business!
Lucas Dimenna
We wanted to change out our old boiler and water tank and Theo at HeatCo helped us. He was great at every step of the way. He gave us a clear quote and was on time when it came to the installation. He was very efficient and got the job done on time. He was very responsive and explained what he was doing and anything we needed to know. Highly recommended for your heating and cooling needs!
Felix F
We changed our old boiler and water tank and Tohid at HeatCo helped us changed to gas tank-less boiler. I appreciated his professional job and drew into details. He was great at every step of the way. He gave us a clear quote . Highly recommended for your heating and cooling needs!
Justin kuang

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